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Hello! We are Stephen and Rhoda Kindred! We are excited to be a part of the #1 natural nutrition company in the Nation!  We started sharing shaklee, because we want to make a difference. We are concerned with all the chemicals in the products we buy and with the lack of nutrients in our food! (visit our blog here to learn more about our family and how we use Shaklee around our hobby farm!) Our goal is to live a healthier, cleaner, natural, lifestyle and have the financial freedom to enjoy it, that Shaklee provides, not just for ourselves but for all those we come in contact with!  

 Why we started Shaklee: In 2006, our oldest daughter starting getting regular bladder and urinary track infections, dysfunctional elimination syndrome, and reflux of the bladder. Her liver was only opperating at 60%, she had kidney disease, as well as other health problems. We took her to seven different doctors, including top specialist’s at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indy, and she was on prescription medication continually for over four years, sometimes being on five different kinds of medication at the same time with no good results. We noticed that she didn't have the energy that other kids her age had. She suffered from depression, and seemed to be 'scatter brained'. She started to do poorly in school and simple little things seemed like big mountains to her. Even the doctors told us that the medication was causing more harm to her in the long run, but they didn’t know what else to do. That is when we decided to try using herbs and vitamins.

In June 2010 we stopped all prescription medication and started taking Shaklee supplements. Just two months later, in Aug. she had her first clean urinary culture in 4 years! We noticed that she had more energy, a better attitude and her other medical problems were getting better! We were amazed at the difference that two months of being on Shaklee's natural supplements made!

In Nov. 2010 she had more follow up testing done at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital and the specialist said the herbs and vitamins are working and that he only needed to see her in a year for another checkup to make sure things were still working for her! No more trips to Indy or Cincy, tests or weekly cultures! The herbs and vitamins did in just 5 months what prescription medicine couldn't do (only made worse) in 5 yrs! We can't say enough good about using Shaklee supplements!

(UPDATE Nov. 2011) - We took our daughter down to Cincinnatti Childrens Hospital for her yearly tests and doctor visit.

The tests came back GREAT! There was no reflux, the bladder is normal, no chuncks of sediment, or thickened walls. The kidneys are healthy with NO scarr tissue or damage.  And more importantly all her symptoms are GONE!The doctor dismissed her COMPLETELY!

UPDATE Aug. 2018 - Our Daughter is still doing great and has never been on anymore perscriptions and has no more medical issues. Her symptoms are still gone. She is still taking Shaklee supplements!

We are so thankful to Shaklee for healing our daughter and making our family healthy! Please, if you or someone you know is on persciption medication - try Shaklee - it just could save your life!

I, Rhoda grew up around Shaklee as my Grandparents had been a part of Shaklee for over 45yrs. However, I was never interested in using it, until my child was so sick, that we didn't know what else to do.

Surprise, surprise... Shaklee WORKS!! (-just like my Grandpa said all along!)  

I have seen first hand of both the good health and incredible financial freedom that my Grandparents have been able to enjoy through using and sharing Shaklee!

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 Ask us how you can have the Shaklee difference in your life and in the lives of those you know! 

Contact us with any question that you have! Thanks for stopping by!

 ~Stephen & Rhoda Kindred

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Naturally safe:  When you pick Shaklee, you will know three things to be true. It is always safe. It always works. And it is always green.  The products. They're spectacular - pure, potent and proven to work, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If our products are not the best they can be, and the best you can buy, if you're disappointed at any time in any way, you get your money back.

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